“Ilina Ivana is a truly talented, gifted and generous person! She desires only the best
for her friends and clients! She's like a guiding light for me! I have been going through
a very difficult time in my life and she continues to encourage, support and inspire me to
the best, despite the circumstances, take the good and spread the positivity and not to
dwell in the pain, suffering, negativity and all that life brings that it will pass! I am blessed
to have her in my life.” — Veena S, Brampton

“Although many counselors claim they can help you guide and plan your life Ilina Ivana is the
only true "Life Coach". Through years of training she is a master of her art. Deep insight and intuition
allow her to guide you towards meeting your life goals. She allowed me to accept my past life lessons
and showed me how to move forward for a better more fulfilling life. I think everyone needs AstroCoach
in their lives!” — Robin G, Toronto

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